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Allie. 22. Canada. I like video games and reading and things. c:
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海の見える街 - Joe Hisaishi
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ok but platonic forehead kisses

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Background art work for Ni no Kuni (二ノ国) illustrated by Momose Yoshiyuki.

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1 hour of Studio Ghibli Piano Soundtracks - Joe Hisaishi
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Okay, but what I really like about Tales of Xillia is: Milla is admired by a lot of people. The whole party, Gaius, Ivar, etc. And not because she’s (physically) strong or beautiful; though she is both those things, she was fashioned to be strong and beautiful. (at least, her body was.)

But she’s admired for her conviction, her determination, her sense of duty and her iron will and resolve. Everyone from a lonely little girl, to a young medical prodigy, to a man forty years her senior who is a war veteran and a master tactician: they all look up to her and respect her deeply. For her inner strength, not her outer strength. And I think that’s awesome.


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Themed PartyChallenge #61: Enemies/Frenemies

Themed Party
Challenge #61: Enemies/Frenemies

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wow he sure does love domino’s


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My sister is watching the second episode of Korra.

I hear lots of laughing.


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